Deck of cards House of the Rising Spade Room 17

Congratulations! You found the (sort of) secret Room 17 bonus material! See below.

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When this deck was released, Lorenzo (the deck's designer and the man behind Stockholm17) set a quest: decipher the alphabet and transcribe the story on the tuck box. The prizes on offer have been won but, if you haven't already done so, you can still have some fun.

To help you in this task I can offer you three downloads, each one more spoiler-filled than the previous:

  1. a print version of the tuck box (PDF, 1.2MB);
  2. the deciphered alphabet† (PDF, 146KB);
  3. the completed tuck box transcript (PDF, 40KB).

Have fun and good luck!

(† I cannot take full credit for the deciphered alphabet as I shared the work with with Tony of Just Play Cards.)