Timothy Griffin (Timmargh)

A certified inhabitant of The Universe living with FSH muscular dystrophy.
I watch too much, I don't read enough, and I listen to the correct amount.

I Collect & Trade Playing Cards

In 2014 I backed the Cult Movie Cards campaign on Kickstarter, pledging for a pair of decks and an uncut sheet. Some time later I went back looking for more playing cards and came across MPC's Impressions Cardinal Edition, Thirdway Industries' Sins, and Passione's Inferno – seeing these amazing decks got me curious and opened my eyes to the world of custom playing cards.

Aside from playing cards, I also collect other items such as coins, pin badges etc., many of which are related to playing cards – some designers create these as add-ons to Kickstarter campaigns to compliment their playing card designs. The puzzles I've bought or been gifted so far are Hanayama Huzzle – each one I own has been successfully dismantled and reassembled with the exception of UFO. My favourite is the O'Gear puzzle as it's the only one that I can consistently complete, and is the easiest to physically handle.